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By the way[Not provoking but asking],
Who was anti-Christ?
Is that Nero,Domitian,Stalin,Hitler...or ????
But when Jesus destroyed Him? So you mean we are Living the Millenia age
So confused with your points!!
Ev Steve
THE Antichrist was, and is, Satan himself. The KJV mostly refers to this Antichrist as a spirit, i.e., "it." But that was the MAIN Antichrist. John says that there appeared many Antichrists in his day, and that is how he knew it was the "last time." I believe that the "Last time" began about the time of the birth of Jesus, and ended after Israel's war with Rome in AD70, the last time, or the end time, or the last days, referring to the end of Israel. What do you think?

His final destruction is yet to come.

We are living in the "Millennial age," at the end of which Satan will be released for a little while, cause a lot of chaos, and then be destroyed by Christ. Does that make sense to you?

Have the Lord descended? No! Have there Happened resurrection? No!Are we with the Lord? No! Then what? Rapture haven't happened yet!!
Consider the possibility that the Bible, OT and NT, was written by the Jews, for the Jews, and mostly about the Jews. We learn from it, but it was intended largely for Israel.
You say the Lord has not yet descended. I have been taught the same thing by teachers who didn't see Him descend, nor did they not see Him descend- they just don't know. But the Jews might have seen Him, no one else needed to. Remember, when He came the first time, He came to His own people, the Jews. Although God's ultimate purpose was to bring salvation to all mankind, we Gentiles at that time were sort of on the sidelines as far as all the action was concerned.

The resurrection happened, and even our dispensational teachers agree that there is a separate resurrection for the OT Israelites. But they connect that to that future "great tribulation," which is a hoax. I believe that they got it partly right, except that their timing of the tribulation is way off base - by at least 2000 years. The Great Tribulation Christ spoke of in Matthew, Mark, and Luke happened in the past, not in the future.

WE haven't been raptured, but the first century saved Jews were. Paul expected to be raptured, and he was a great deal more knowledgeable than any of us, or any of our dispensational teachers. He was a Jew, part of God's Family. Christ came unto His own, as we see in the Gospel of John. He didn't come to them because they were Jews like Himself - when He came, He wasn't a Jew; He didn't become a Jew until after He got here. He came to them because they were of His own Family, the Family of God. That's why He called them His own.

So, Paul expected to be raptured with many of the other Jews, and Jesus said that all those things the Bible spoke of would happen to that same generation He was speaking to. The Liberals, who missed the point that the rapture could have applied only to the Jews, thought Jesus was mistaken. We needn't think that, just because we didn't see it, it didn't happen. When a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there, I can guarantee that it makes a noise, whether anyone hears it or not.

Want to get unconfused? Avoid commentaries, prophecy teachers, and modern translations. Read the KJV over and over. After ten years or less, the facts will begin to form a picture. It took me twenty-five, but I'm slow.