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I have you all dear to me in prayer and ask that you be praying for me.

last year a non denominational Christian school In Sta Maria, Bulacan an hour north of Manila asked me to come teach an English class for Pastors. the main reason was to learn our Accent.

They contacted me today and asked me to teach from April 13-24. but they want me to also teach a shortened version of my Dispensational NT Survey course. I requested that only King James Bibles be used for both the English and the survey class. when questioned why I said for the reason for English is simple and that the KJV has many of the Power words being used by the corporate Elite. And I said I use the KJV for the survey course because it is the only version that gives the clear command to study and rightly divide which is the core verse for the course. They agreed to get some KJV Bibles for the class. Pray that they can find some KJV Bibles for the course.

Also either my assistant Pastor Nick or my Youth Pastor Dennis will have to teach the two Sunday's I am away. Pray for them for God's guidance and leading for the topics they will teach.

Traveling Mercies as I will be flying to and from Manila plus two rides to Cubao where we catch a bus to Bulacan and vise versa. Also for my health, and if the Lord provides for me to pick up a few things in Manila while I am there.

Thanks and blessings