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Originally Posted by Renee View Post

When we send books out internationally we use flat rate priority boxes and it gets there reaL fast. It cost $50.00, there is a maxium weight of 20# but we have never been able to get that much weight in them. I know that it sounds like a lot of money, but I have checked on different methods and we find this the best for us. They do have different boxes that you might use (if the 10 bibles fit in it) the PI charges customs on more then 10 bibles sent at a time. If the new testaments are really small, you might check on their flat rate envelope. Shipping things to the PI by weight is rather expensive.

Who is this through? Is this through the Post Office? These are paperback NT's that aren't very good quality. I bought them to hand out during street preaching. I hope these are sufficient enough to serve Chette's purpose. If he needs Bibles for people that will be spending more than a casual glance within the pages then I should likely get him something better.

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