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How much more of your pretty cool Scripture is unreliable ?

And how do you separate out unreliable scripture from more reliable scripture ?

And is any scripture fully reliable ?

And do you now reject NA26 & NA27...
Steven, I know you represent much of the passion on this board for what you believe to be the truth. However, for every newbie like myself who signs-up and actually POSTS here, there's probably quite a few more who just lurk. Thus, while I am not at all easily offended, I would encourage all of you Bible-Believers to keep this in mind.

I'm in my 40's, and I came to salvation in a church using NASB, and NIV. (FWIW, I never have had any affinity for the latter, and I only have one copy of it in a parallel with the NAS.) I fell away for 20+ years, and I've only been back in a walk for 2.5 years. My current church leadership uses several versions, probably in order of NASB, NKJV, ESV-NIV. I haven't so much read more than a few psalms or proverbs from the AV in my life. Still, using these versions, I've got all the doctrines correct. I've experienced a tremendous amount of growth in these couple years.

What brought me to the issue was a deacon at another church who told me of the differences in Bibles. Other than language, and the difference between 'word-for-word' vs. 'thought-for-thought' approaches, I had NO idea of the missing-added verses. He is a TR guy, and he encouraged me toward a NKJV, not as the 'best' choice, but only as what I now see as "the least altered". So, after a bit of research, I bought one.

I guess what I'm trying to point out is this. You can't just POUNCE on those of us in my shoes and say, "See, SEE! Here's this point, and that point. NOW, can't you reject your corrupt 'bible'-du-jour??' This is a process, ladies and gents. I'm here, willingly, trying to learn. I'm open. Afterall, I've read that even Diligent is formerly an NIV'er, LOL.

Now, I'll tell you straightout what I've not been seeing here. There is nowhere near the same level of grace
that I see on sites that are Anti-KJO. Steven, you are one of the few exceptions, so please don't take that as a personal affront.

So far, I'm leaning toward a MT/BT text position. I would hope you agree that is a step in the right direction. I bought a KJV so that I would have the same point of reference as most of you here. That is the Sword Bible which was my first post. Because it only eliminates the Elizabethan, with no other changes, I'm comfortable with it. Still, I offered to send out a copy to any other KJV'er, JUST so that a trained-eye could post a review. You can read for youself how that thread digressed.

Where I'm still struggling is the minutae that seems to be much of the discussion here. Yes, you point out that God's words are important. Yes, the scripture is convincing. However, is Christ's primary intent for us to make sure we get the "jot and tittle" correct? Or rather, is it to live as he lived, using his example?

So, whether I "study" to show myself approved, or I be "diligent" to do so, isn't the point that one should apply himself in order to "handle accurately", or "rightly divide"? Is it really the text we should be concerned with? Shouldn't the priority be the principle/s the Lord wants us to see, and to apply in our actions, thoughts and lives?