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Default Revelation 17:8 and yet is

Originally Posted by Critical Thinking View Post
Anybody else notice that Will never provides proof that Dr. Combs was wrong? Why mention that "and yet is" is found in some printed Greek texts when Dr. Combs clearly specifies "manuscript"?

Next, Will mentions Sinaiticus (an actual manuscript), but it merely "essentially" agrees with the KJB reading. Then, Will adds that other a few other manuscripts give the "same sense" as Sinaiticus. Finally, there is a parade of printed Bible editions but they aren't manuscripts either. I know Will wouldn't accept this as 'evidence' if it were being presented to him in support of an opposing opinion.

Bottom line: you got no proof?
CT. I see you are still avoiding the question I asked.

It also appears you have some reading comprehension problems. I listed some specific manuscripts that Jack Moorman names. Those are manuscripts. By the way, individual manuscripts are used to make up a Greek text. We have four printed Greek texts that read kaiper estin- Erasmus, Beza, Stephanos and Elziever. We also have the Trinitarian Bible Society Greek text.

Now if you really believe that the KJB IS the inspired and 100% true Bible like YOU SAID, then why are you trying to find fault with it. You wouldn't by any chance also be a liar, would you? Nah, perish the thought.