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Martin Luther said that to go against conscience is neither safe nor right.

One thing I've learned these 11 years in the ministry is one can never get everybody agree on how to "rightly" divide the word of truth. I'm talking about real Bible-believing and rightly dividing preachers.

I would agree that this forum have some real "experts"; had this forum been a Bible college, than we've got more than enough, well-qualified Bible teachers!

In the school where I teach, I find it often difficult to communicate some of the truths I've personally proved to be Scripturally rightly divided, especially that I am the youngest of the teachers and most of my fellow Bible teachers had been my own teachers. That, however, makes me a more serious Bible student, saving me from teaching "pre-mature" truths and "half-baked" heresies. That is, presenting a doctrine where there is a controversy over the issue has to be done with care, so that whenever any disagreement arise, at least it's a clear and an honest one.

Honest disagreement, I believe, is as edifying as clear and sincere agreement. One should not say he agrees if he really does not agree, and one should not disagree just because he does not understand.

When there is a clear disagreement on a certain matter, I think one should take Luther's advice (see above). When, however, unsure about some issue, I would say: "Don't jump when the water is not clear."