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Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by Greektim
Whether I am or am not, that was not the point of this thread. I do not "maintian" that I had a "temporary" honest question. And I didn't chuck anything aside. My question was answered. I was ready to stop. And someone started a different question. Not my doing.
So you just say anything you want ... and disclaim responsibility for your own words because it was not in your OP ? Amazing.

GreekTim, I specifically showed you how the English Bible gives us more information in Hebrews 7 than "the Greek" .. and also how the King James Bible has that information consistently and purely and sensibly. Yet you simply accuse the word of God by force of habit .. saying that truth and clarity is "translator bias" and "interpreters bias". Is that what seminary does to your thinking capability ?

Steven Avery