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Default Re: " Question on John 6"

Brother Winman's quote:
"Now, I appreciate your post about failure #3, how people are not properly taught to study the Bible, and I hope you do not take offence, but you can over-study. Maybe that is not the right way to say it. What I mean is that sometimes you have to take scripture for simply what is says directly, and not always assume it has some greater or different meaning than what it actually says.

I hope you understand what I mean. Sometimes we fail to see the forest for the trees. I think you might understand what I mean by that."
Aloha brother Winman,

I am not offended in the least, and I also agree with you 100%. I believe that there must be "BALANCE" in our Christian walk; and our life in Christ cannot just be about "STUDY". And not only that but we have to be very careful when we do "rightly divide the word of truth" - that we "rightly divide" it, and NOT "CHOP IT UP" so much that it has no bearing or application to us.

This is not always easy; but if a believer approaches God's word simply and with a "sincere" heart, I believe that God will show him spiritual "things" that he will not show the "best & the brightest" that the "Bible" colleges have to offer.

That's why, as a Bible believing Christian, I say that I embrace a MODERATE Dispensationalism. I believe that the entire Bible is written for our learning and edification; it's just that not all of it applies to us, and that is where "rightly dividing the word of truth" comes in.