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Bro. Parrish
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I hear ya, that's why I stated back in post no 6 that I usually won't even argue about these issues. I have made it a point to politely rebuke some brothers on other forums who come in swinging and try to tell everyone else they are wrong, being all dogmatic about a theory or whatever. I'm not sure that being dogmatic on some of these things is edifying to the body of believers, because it can be very divisive and I think we need to pick our fights carefully. I think perhaps some Christians fall into a trap of sorts by thinking they HAVE to take a position on something like the Gap Theory or Geocentricity, when in reality it's just not that important to our core cause. So, I don't allow myself to get pinned down on it. But I agree with you that Creation Ministries are very worthwhile and I do enjoy many of those sites and what they bring to the table against the religion of evolution.