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But no evolutionist is a Bible-believing Christian, Brother, and if we can show them the scientific case for a Creator, we can then tie in Biblical truths, can we not? We can use science and the signs of the design therein, and then Biblically demonstrate that all signs point to Christ. This is the purpose of Creationist ministries.
Well, your original comment was:
"if we can provide evidence for geocentricity, then we can discredit the Big Bang Theory."

The problem is, they will come up with another theory!
A good example of this can be seen in the Ben Stein movie called EXPELLED, when Stein interviews the popular atheist Richard Dawkins. (pretty good movie by the way, those who have not seen it can rent it at Blockbuster).

I agree with the need and value of Creationist ministries, (my own threads regarding evolution will prove this) however I'm not sure Geocentricity is going to make an evolutionist fall to his knees and repent. Many of the men on this forum don't even buy off on Geocentricity. The Big Bang Theory is not an excuse for unbelief. In the end, the evolutionist has been surrounded by much "God evidence" from his birth, and he has no excuse. (Romans 1:20) He CHOOSES darkness over light, regardless of what the fossil record shows. Atheists choose to ACTIVELY reject the God of creation (along with His evidence for creation) on a daily basis---it has more to do with their sin than their theories. Their HEARTS are controlling their minds (Proverbs 23:7), that's why I said they have a heart problem.

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Also, Bro., I think you'd be suprised about how well the average scientist is protected from hearing anything about any alternative for evolution. See, Darwinists (firmly) control almost all refereed biological scientific journals, and many of the people at and speak of having their research denied publication for a plethora of reasons.
No I'm not surprised at all I agree with you brother, and I am well aware of the "lock" on higher learning in the scientific community. A product of the public school system, I have debated and witnessed to so-called evolutionists for 25 years, and I do think all this debate has its place. I just don't think all creationists are in your Geocentricity boat, and I'm not sure Geocentricity is the best way to prove anything about science or the Bible!

I think there are MUCH BETTER arguments for a Creator without going to a subject which is going to split your Creationists down the middle. I already gave you links to Apologetics Press which was certainly not promoting the theory, here is AIG's (one of the world's most poplular Creation ministries) review of Geocentricity, they imply that it's "gobbledegook":

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) offers the following thought in their article:
"the Bible contains no explicit teaching on this matter."

By the way, that same article from AIG also appears on the Creationist website you linked, and concludes by stating, "Creationists should distance themselves from even the best defense of geocentrism":

Listen up: I'm not saying the theory is wrong, nor am I saying Bouw is correct. It just seems to me that Geocentricity is hardly the best ammo for a witness to an atheist or evolutionist. See my point?

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