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I don't think I'll affiliate or align myself with any particular church of today. I can't say I'm a Baptist - because I've never baptized anyone. I can't tolerate manmade teachings, such as Calvinism. Some people might think that I'm being too picky and choosy - and that I ought to join SOME church, just for the fellowshipping with believers. Yet, every time I've stepped foot into a church, I get the oddest, most UNcomfortable feeling that these people are NOT believers. They're just church-goers - self-holified attenders of a church building, not the Body of Christ.

More important to me is Bible reading and study and prayer. Rather than attend a church which would immerse me in possibly false teachings; today, it seems more adviseable to seek a small group of believers to meet at home.

The best I can do is pray for the Lord to lead me to the right church - one where I can fully understand what is being preached (I'd need someone skilled in sign language) and where what is being preached is the TRUTH.