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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post

C'mon guys! There are a dozen threads on the forum where Dr.Ruckman can be discussed.
The topic is Genesis 9 and the erroneous teaching from it Tim. Would you like me to order Dr. Ruckman's Commentary on Genesis 9, though it was alone among all his Commentaries the one I felt I wasted money on, and quote verbatum his teachings on the topic? He holds "no copyright on anything written with my name on it" according to this month's BBB so no intellectual property rights will be violated.

From time to time, particularly when I first joined this forum, people employ the carnal weapons of snide little anonymous emails. One of those was after sister Jennifer(Greenbear) joined the forum and her agreeing for the most part with my dispensational position, and it stated in part, the part that fit to reproduce, that I am "...stacking the deck over on Brandon Stagg's 1611 forum with dry cleaners..." I've never known John and Jennifer before they joined this forum, but had it been my superficial and shallow purpose to disrupt this forum I'd brought 25 "dry cleaners" with me when I joined.

That was not my purpose and is not and never will be, Tim I don't need numbers to back my positions in doctrinal studies here, I have the Scriptures, rightly divided. I have friends here now for all eternity, I have people here who have been kind to me and been true Christian brothers and sisters. Do you know of one more forum that is neck deep in Baptists who accept and welcome a Grace believer(me) among them, other than this one?

What I have observed is the forum is stacked pretty deep in Ruckmanites who don't tolerate criticism of a man, particularly when his teachings on the topic of the thread are brought up.

Grace and peace Tim, perhaps one day we'll see that no matter how "good Godly dedicated conservative fundamentalist KJV Only" any man is we are all still flesh, and have to struggle with that all the time we breath.