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Let me ask you Johnlf.

You claimed I was teaching a Tradition. Can you tell me what one that is. I was teaching a spiritual application not a tradition.

Do you think it is wrong to teach a spiritual application of searching ones heart before communion from Cor 11:23-31?

Do you think it is wrong to make a spiritual application to confess one sins from 1John1:9?

would you feel it was wrong to teach a spiritual application to search and confess sins before coming to the Lord in prayer? or before coming to him for Bible Study?

I would not list them amongst major doctrines mind you. but for personal discipleship I would teach these applications.

things we would not think of of sins and we generally see it in others is pride, arrogance, knowledge.

Now, if Paul said that because of the many sins (wrong prayer, not caring for the poor in the assembly, causing divisions, teaching heresy, eating out of places, drunkenness) that many were sick ,weak and dead. would you think that because we are not Corinthians that the Idea of judging ones self before taking the Lords supper is wrong?

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