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In my opinion, after having watched several street preaching videos in the internet, I find some of them a bit harsh and close to "foolish preaching" (not the "foolishness of preaching" in 1 Cor. 1).
I street preached for 4-10 years. (I stopped due to throat problems and the failure to rest the voice after heavy use and not having a mic or megaphone when preaching open-air. Sorry,I feel redundant when I mention about this.)

I did experience some "encounters" during preaching. For example, when I declared in a market that the God says all have sinned, a lady "preached" louder against me saying that I was preaching as if I have heard the message directly from the Lord. Well, "it is written" and "thus saith the Lord" are the same to me, so I preached 1 Peter 1:23-25 and the gospel.
I also remember that the first time I preached in a public place, my opening statement was, "We are not fools."
We usually sing "Down From His Glory" before preaching, and that really made me realize that these multitudes passing by don't have time to church and God seems to send me down from heaven to tell this people "Now is the acceptide time; now is the day of salvation."
As an encouragement, we have seen hands responding to invitations and people writing us and joining our churches through street preaching. We just are being careful that in case there is any opposition, it's simply because of the "foolishness of preaching", and not because of foolish preaching or crazy preachers. (There is one "crazy preacher" here. We don't know him and he looks crazy by appearance, but he preaches the same gospel we preach. Sound doctrine but out-of-tune appearance and out-of-grace words akin to the "f word".)