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G'day George,
Due to my form of employment...I work for myself in a type of business that requires me to buy and sell goods, take deposits, hold lay by sales and generally have a cashflow that can be slow one week, but abundant the next..I really have no idea what 10 percent of my income may be on a week to week basis.

As a result I give according to the amount I have available at the time or on occasion much more if I see a need that requires attending to. This could be an annonymous gift to a brother in need or paying for some work around the church.

So if anyone asked me "do you tithe 10 % of your income?" I would have to say "sometimes no, but sometimes more".

I have never read the verses that you quoted before in the light that you portrayed them. It makes me feel much better about the "method" of giving that I employ.