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Japheth over there is a wicked man

"We're talking about bibliolatry nuts,remember? They don't NEED any help looking foolish."

Everything he posts is acidic and a personal attack on either our character or intellect. And all of this comes from a man who I have observed have the following avatars over the last month

1) Some guy from a Rob Zombie film I think. House of a thousand corpses or devils children or something like that. The evil clown thing he had up.

2) That guy from Kung-Fu - Carradine. He killed himself through auto-erotic asphyxiation.

3) The guy from A Clockwork Orange, whose favourite thing in life is violence and rape.

So what makes him think anything he says is going to be taken seriously by someone who wants to get close to God, when he is putting that filth out there to be associated with.