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Originally Posted by George View Post

None of us is going to be able to pierce through the "mind set" of these "intellectual snobs". It's always the SAME with ALL of them! QUESTIONS, always QUESTIONS! But never HONEST or SINCERE QUESTIONS! They are always "LOADED" QUESTIONS! QUESTIONS "contrived" (by corrupt minds) to elicit specific ANSWERS, that then can be "pounced upon" in order to PROVE the questioner's POINT OF VIEW; or QUESTIONS "designed" to EMBARRASS the person being asked the QUESTION. But never the kind of "questions" that demonstrate a SINCERE desire to know, or arrive at "Truth".
This one paragraph really struck me, that this is EXACTLY what many people do. It is usually the ones that get BANNED that tend to post on a Forum in this way. Sometimes they will ask pointed questions that are meant to EMBARRASS a person or to try to get people to be "defensive" so that they can know that their attack worked! (Or they assume it did.) They often use subtle attacks on people. I call those "veiled threats."

Most of them don't WANT to know the truth - they only want to be RIGHT.

In order to sincerely DESIRE the TRUTH, we sometimes must humble ourselves to get it. There is no need to always be RIGHT, unless we are truly standing up for the Word of God. Then, of course, we must be FIRM and show the truth.

Often people who are self-righteous in their beliefs - thinking that they HAVE the truth and they're going to make people believe it one way or another - attempt to do so by ridiculing and belittling someone. To me, that is a very immature response.

When we desire the TRUTH, the Holy Spirit works in us to KNOW when we have erred away from the truth. If we are not too busy asserting our own self-righteousness to listen, we might discover some real GEMS.

I have been BLESSED by this Forum and I have discovered some of those real GEMS! All praise and glory and honor to the LORD for His gift of the Holy Spirit which works in those who desire the TRUTH.