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I certainly see how this video would be offensive to Christians still on the milk. The F word is not harmful to us to hear it. If people are truly concerned with this then I suggest you lock your doors and never go outside. The F word is only harmful to those that use it themselves. Personally I love to see the brethren that are willing to go into the streets to preach repentance to the most thoroughly wicked. Not only that, but be able to do it without resorting to foul language and violence themselves. These men in the video truly are an inspiration that they could stand calmly and proclaim the truth to a crowd teeming with hate and malice. You can see it in their eyes that nothing but murder and malice is all but pooring out of their skin. I think we should pray for these unrepentant reprobates. I (being someone that fears God) am afraid for them. I know what awaits them. Let us interceed for them in prayer my brothers.

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