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Default slow to anger

Originally Posted by Tmonk View Post
You teach high school Spanish don't you Will?

Teachers these days have a daunting task. I remember my first year in college in Composition 101 we wrote papers in class and passed them to the student beside , sometimes behind, us for peer corrections. I was shocked that the people beside me could barely spell and had no grasp of a comma or sentence structure.

I guess "slow to anger" really applies in your job.
By the grace of God I'm a pretty slow to anger type of guy. But I do get pretty upset at the public school system. We have teachers who openly promote evolution in their classes as though it were a fact. But I and the other Christian teachers there are not allowed at all to bring up anything about God or the Creator and say anything about how utterly stupid the ridiculous theory of Evilution really is. I did it once and had several Christian kids agree with me, but one student was "offended" at my remarks and I got in tons of trouble over it. Her Dad was an ex seminarian who hates religion, is a lawyer and an avowed atheist now. So I ended up with a letter of reprimand in my file.

The whole system is rigged against God. But what else is new? I do thank God for the several other Christian teachers who are there laboring away every day, and we actually have quite a few Christian students too. But Boy, do we have to watch everything we say, while the atheists and evolutionists can just about say anything they want and get away with it.

It can be quite frustrating.

Because of Him,

Will K