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Originally Posted by Greektim View Post
What is the rule of thumb when capitalizing the word "king" in the KJ? When should it be King or king? Or is there even a standard? Honest question with an honest inquiry.
There is certainly particular and exact rules covering the use of the word "King" in regard to capital letters and lower case.

The word "king" is lowercase when used as a title or as a name.

When referring to God it is capital. At the start of a sentence or quoted speech it is capital.

When Jesus spoke of himself as "a king", he is using the general sense, not the specific.

Once these things are understood, we find that the man Melchisedec had a name which was prophetic of Christ. Melchisedec was merely a man, a king. But his name signified Christ, "King of ..." See Hebrews 7.