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Default Would I have someone sign my Bible?

NO! I'm a new Christian (I been saved for a year), and I don't see the point of having someone sign my Bible. It's not like they authored the Book. I don't remember reading about the Prophets and Apostles that the LORD God used to put His Words into writing, giving autographs everywhere they went. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to the LORD God for great men of God like Jack Hyles, Peter Ruckman, Kent Hovind, etc. I admire their courage and their willingness to let God use them, but I try not to see them as Hollywood stars (LORD knows we already have a enough of those out in the world). I find it distasteful every time I see one of my brethren going towards a famous preacher to have their Bibles signed. I would probably avoid anyone writing in my Bible to begin with, but, I agree that if you write a poem, psalm, or encouraging note on one the blank pages of my Bible, I wouldn't stop from you signing, but just signing my Bible because you‘re famous I‘m completely against! However, like some of you said earlier, I wouldn't mind having them (men of God) sign a book they did authored or taking a picture with them, but no Bible signing!