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Originally Posted by Billie View Post
Hummm,I guess that has never come up?! I have my grandmother's old family Bible, and she wrote a poem on the front ,signed,dated it. Its a precious memory for all the family..but to actually ASK or have someone sign their name in my has never come up. I would'nt want that ..its private,personal, just sort of 'not done'.

Thats right Sister, to give a Bible to someone is one of the best heartfelt gifts we could give anyone, or receive (except the Gift of salvation of course ), nothing at all wrong with marking it. When I led my little niece to Christ I gave her a small KJB and wrote in the date of her salvation and a Psalm and a little note from myself on how delighted I was for her. I have my grandfathers old Bible, with notes from my grandmother when she bought it for him, like you said precious memories. I would never think of asking any pastor or preacher to sign my Bible like a rock star would sign their album, it just dosent sit well. Sure if they wrote a book and signed it that would be no problem. My Bible is signed with Christs Blood, it testifys of Christs blood and contains the words of everlasting life. What man could ever top that