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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
Chette, thanks for the recommendation of "Grace" by Lewis Sperry Chafer. I'll add it to my growing list.

Tony, would you mind sharing that website you mentioned?
It has been a dozen years since I read Things That Differ, or much of anything else for that matter (including the bible), until around 6 weeks ago. I'm finding I can understand things more clearly than I did 10-15 years ago. I just started reading Stam's book again. You're right, He is calvinist. I guess I wasn't really aware of the distinction when I read it before. Still, what a great study.

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Luke, Jen, Chette, almost the bottom of the page is Joseph Fink's book on Lordship Salvation. Jen, things That Differ is on the top, along with much more. I found this site by accident, I googles .pdf books on Lordship Salvation and found this site. It's a goldmine. These books are free to download. I too have crave to read Things That Differ also. SOme of Ruckman's more benign Commentaries I'd love to read again too though I don't preach and teach out of a book other than the Scriptures.

Fink is KJV believer, Stam wasn't. You need to ignore his unlearned opinions on the KJV where they pop up. He was a mighty soldier for Christ and a Grace believer like me, but there's no excuse for correcting the Bible no matter who it is. Ruckman does it in his exposition on the "gap" theory in his Commentary on Genesis, so I guess it's pretty abundant on both sides the "dry cleaner" issue.

Grace and peace friends