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What I got from this guy's message is that you had better hate sin enough and be good enough or Christ will say He never knew you and you will go to the Lake of Fire. What constitutes good enough is not defined. I guess he thinks there's some kind of critical mass of sin that will finally send a christian to hell.

I feel so bad for any christian who doesn't understand that Christ did it all and that there is nothing we can contribute to His salvation. I'd say to them that our hatred of sin and good works come because we have the indwelling of His Spirit in our new man. It's not possible for hatred of sin and good works not to happen, but sometimes the old man gains preeminence We'll have the old man to contend with until the day we die or are raptured. Anyone who claims they don't have this struggle is lying.

If what this guy says is true then no one will make it to heaven. It's all or nothing with God. You either try to make it through by your own righteousness or by Christs righteousness. I'm so glad He came to die for my sins so I don't have to go to that place forever and ever. Thank you, Jesus.

He referred to Christ's suffering but I didn't hear any salvation message. Maybe there was and I missed it but I am not willing to listen to that thing again.

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