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Originally Posted by biblereader View Post
Thank you all for your prayers. Keep praying, and I will tell her what you said.
She's a bit of a worrier, though, so, I'll have to word it carefully.
Sister, one thing you do NOT want to tell her is that my background in trauma medicine is from my work as a mortician. If there is any possible a way for a human to die, I've seen it. I am not a doctor though I had training as a paramedic but was unable to serve in that capacity because an auto accident of my own. But when I saw someone who had a concussion who went out the next day and washed their car or cleaned the house or pushed a truck out of the snow and ended up on my embalming table, it became clear to me a concussion is nothing to mess with. It's an injury to the brain, she needs to stay still and quiet and NOT worry, she'll recover from it FULLY. I was beaten more times than I care to remember by other children as a child, had several concussions and never even knew it. Dad had no money or insurance to take me to the ER everytime I was beaten. I've had two concussions from two auto accidents as an adult, and can tell you and her she'll be fine. I am guessing there was no fracture, even then she just needs to take it easy a few weeks and not exert herself and by God's grace she'll be back to normal soon.

Grace and peace to you