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the verse Roms 3:20 is in context to those who are under law that come to the Knowledge of sin. Chapter 3 of Romans is a chapter addressing the Jews righteousness in the Law. again we never have Paul using the law to drive people to Christ. it is not Biblical in that sense.

the woman at the well was driven to the Gospel of the Kingdom, not the Gospel of Grace for salvation. Samaritans are halfblooded Jews who had rebelled against the Lords command to come to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices.

7:7 is again a Jew who had learned sin from the Law, not a Gentile. Paul is explaning the weakness of the law to save not that it drives people to Christ.

Good luck in your endeavors to be sure about Ray stuff. But just look at Paul's stuff he never does the Ray stuff. I have had more success following Paul than Ray. I learned under Ray at YWAM, a very liberal and charimatic organization of which I am glad to be out of. We had him for two weeks straight. best kept secret and some other teaching back in the early '90's.

I have never used the Law to lead a single person to Christ. I preach Christs' finished work on the cross(that would include the substitutionary death, blood atonement, God justice being appeased, etc..) and his resurrection. I led seven young ladies to the Lord on August 1st using the Paul stuff. I have faith as I preach people will beleive and it is evident in the growth of our church and in the lives of those whom I was able to impact with the Gospel of Grace. I am not a love love love guy, I am not sucked into the Charismatic experiencial Rock and Roll concert gospel of love and let live.

But God is the one who works, I only let him and give him the glory.

Blessing in your endeavors bro.