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Textual differences also exist in all editions of the Textus Receptus, and probably no two Bibles based on the/any Textus Receptus agree: differences may be found between the King James Bible and the other good English Bibles that preceded it, and differences (as well as translation differences) can be found in the best Bibles of other languages.

Which one is the standard? Which one is perfect?

It is the King James Bible, what Edward Hills called an independent variety of the Textus Receptus.

Yet slight differences in letters and punctuation even exist between King James Bible editions.

Therefore there must be one exactly accurate and perfect presentation of the King James Bible. Why? Because God is a God of certainty and perfection.

Even though Hills said, "any one of them may be used by a Bible-believing Christian" (and that has been quite acceptable), he himself admitted not having a full knowledge of matters, but a providential deference: "Today our chief concern must be to create a climate of Christian thought and learning which God can use providentially should the need for such a new English version ever arise. This would insure that only the English wording would be revised and not the underlying Hebrew and Greek text." It has turned out it was one edition of the King James Bible which existed from (as is supposed) before Hills was even born, which is God's providentially appointed final edition, and the final form of the Word of God for the world. This is the real “new English version”, which requires men to change to it, rather than the Word to conform to the world. If ye will receive it!