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Originally Posted by kns215 View Post
When I was backslidden (no Bible reading, no prayer, etc), I had a "Christian" (backslidden one) boyfriend who is from outside of my nation. My parents disagreed, of course, and so did my siblings. I did admit that it was sin to disobey my parents but did not admit how it is scripturally wrong to marry someone outside of my nation. I, too, thought that it was OK to marry someone outside of my nation as we are not Israelites. And after couple years of on-going argument between my family and me, my older sister sent me what she called "final warning" (praise God for allowing her wisdom and courage to tell me the truth!) to this issue.

Here is what she wrote to me (it was about 4 pages long but "personal" information has been taken out ):

I, of course, don't believe that those already married couples have to divorce and find themselves a new spouse within their nations. However, if one is not married yet, I think one has to ask self if marrying someone outside of his/her nation is really God's will.

No matter how long one has been living in foreign country, the fact that God divided nations is true and therefore "cultural differences" cannot be ignored.
So, for me, I'd rather stay unmarried and wait for God to send someone for me according to His will, rather than marry someone outside my nation and deal with that "cultural differences", etc.
Sister, this is what every Ku Klux Klansman in America believes and practices.

Grace and peace