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Default Tracts Support and Bibles Needed

Hello to all,

As a member of Christian Bible Baptist Church here in San Fabian, Pangasinan PHILIPPINES, I am tasked for a Sunday School for our young people and an Area Leader to a nearby town-Mangladan by our Pastor. The use of tracts are very important to us.They are literally our way out of introducing Christ to every person we meet during our Saturday soulwinning program. As of now we no longer have tracts for distribution. We ask and pray to anyone out there who is willing to share tracts and be a part in our soulwinning ministry. A soul won for Christ is really a worth it all. Also we are in need of a KJV bibles. My bible studies of a group of 10 people in my area need bibles.

It is my prayer then that soon this request, God will answer. For considration, we are needing the following:

1. Tracts - 5,000 copies
2. KJV Bibles - 15 copies (including our future bible studies)
3. Sunday School Lesson Materials

Thank you,

Frederick L. Langit
180 Nilombot, Mapandan
Pangasinan 2429 PHILIPPINES