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It is the music of the world with the label "Christian" attached. Being contempory doesn't make it wrong in itself - there are some sound artists out there that are sold out, doctrinally sound and separated to the Lord. Though generally speaking, CCM is Rock in all its forms, Country, or soft rock-sounding Southern Gospel. Even its praise and worship is soft to medium rock with a drum backbeat.

If you study out the various groups within CCM, you will typically find groups that are ecumenical (yoking up with unbelievers and/or all that calls itself Christian), doctrinally unsound (anything from SDA's, charismatic, Catholic, New Age, or someone who just does not know the Bible), no separation (groups that listen to secular rock themselves, long hair on men, short hair on women, tattoos and piercings, skimpy or grunge clothing), immorality and drug/alcohol abuse, pornography addiction. I am not saying all these groups do all of these things - I am saying I have not found ANY CCM groups that do not fall into one or more of these categories. For example, Sandi Patti committed adultery with a backup member of her band for 4 years before divorcing their own spouses and marrying one another. Yet this whole time she produced soft rock albums that ommitted the name of Jesus Christ - yet Christendom wants us to believe that this music is somehow pleasing to the Lord. She was committing abomination while producing it - I believe every time we play that music, it is a stench in God's nostrils.