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Originally Posted by 1611isperfect View Post
Aloha brother,

I appreciate your "zeal" for the Lord, but on the other hand, in this case I believe it is misplaced.

WHO on this Forum are you addressing? Or WHO on this Forum are you trying to teach, inform or edify? Or WHO on this Forum are you trying to warn, admonish, reprove, or rebuke? Just exactly WHO did you address this "message" to?

If you will check out my posts you will find that I do not hesitate to stand up for the Holy words of God or for those men who have defended it these many years. I have not "shied-away" from taking on those people who have come to this Forum who, I believe, have attacked the Scriptures; or who, have unjustly maligned, falsely charged, or defamed brethren who have defended the Scriptures; or who, have unjustly attacked other people on the Forum; or who, have embraced clear & evident "heresy".

On the other hand, I do not just "flail out" in all directions and loosely get in to "name-calling" (i.e. "stupid") without being very "specific", such as: "Humanist", "Sophist", "Compromiser", "Carnal", "Backbiter", "Railer", "False Accuser", "Blasphemer", "Heretic", "Reprobate", "Wolves", etc., etc. - I'm sure you get the idea. (It is far more "effective" to be specific, than to just brand people as being "stupid").

1 Corinthians 9:26 I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air:

One last thing - I doubt very much that there are very many people on this Forum that put much stock in the "Charasmatic" nonsense you pointed out. In other words you are basically "preaching to the choir". So, what was the purpose of your post, if most (if not all) of us here on this Forum are already very much aware of what goes on in some Charasmatic circles?

Are we to condemn all Charasmatics (Pentacostals), because some of them participate in wild behavior - "snake handling", "fainting", screaming, babbling, etc. - that is clearly not Biblical? Are we to condemn them all because they have embraced false doctrine? Are we ever going to be able to persuade any of them of the false doctrine they have embraced if we call them "Stupid"? I trow not!

There is a time and place to "persuade" (teaching & convincing); there is a time and a place to "contend" (warning & admonishing); and there is a time and place to "condemn" (reproving & rebuking). I do not believe that this is the "time" or the "place" for your post - especially since it was not directed at anyone in particular.