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Originally Posted by Biblestudent View Post
It really amazes me how can God move among His Bible believing saints to help answer our great need here. I appreciate all you in this forum who take some "extra mile" in lending a helping hand to us.

There was a time when we had more than enough gospel tracts, but now is the time when they're badly needed in our church and other fellow pastors asking for these.

Yes, Brother MC1171611, we would like to have you help me (and us) get some gospel tracts. I'll visit the Charity Baptist website as soon as I have your "referral".
Hey brother, I just heard from FTL today

Quote: to (me)

Thank you for your on-line order and your desire to reach the lost. Regarding the tracts to the Philippines, please let us know where your friend is located over there, as we shipped 10 million tracts to the Philippines last year. It may be that your friend can obtain tracts right there, but if not, we do ship here in boxes of appx. 3500 and the cost for postage is $38.95.

Please let us know if we can help you.

God bless.

Eunice Brown, Secretary
So I'd say it's a go for getting some tracts from them. The Lord bless you.

Much Love in Christ Jesus,