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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
It appeared from your responses that you may have agreed with that connection. I apologize if I read more into your posts than you meant. Also, I am in no way claiming or even implying that Chette is racist or bigoted. What is true is that there are those who are racists who do use this argument to support their "superiority" over black-skinned people. I do beseech Chette to clearly reject any connection with Canaan's curse and Black slavery.
I do believe all blacks are Hamites but I don't believe all blacks are descendants of Canaan. I am a racist and a bigot but I didn't think it was fair for you to call my hand on it before I have had an opportunity to adequately articulate my sinful pride and arrogance (ha ha ha- I'm just joking. I don't dislike a person based upon the color of their skin). I too like another brother or two on this forum have a wife of another nation/race. I am white and she is oriental. I have black friends and my recent disciple is a Hametic Brother in the Lord (I don't know if he is a Canaanite though...I thought about barking out a couple of orders and see if he obeys me or punches me in the mouth. Ha Ha Just joking again!).

I don't have time tonight but I would like to jump back to this discussion and maybe elaborate on some ideas and toss them out to a critical crowd to see if it can stand the scrutiny of the bretheren. I have a ton of homework to do and need to get back to it. Thanks for your response.