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If you review posts #4, #5, #6, #10, and #11, the intermingling of the curse of Canaan with all Hamites should be observable.

In the following quotes, I will indicate notable areas in bold underlining:

In post #4, Chette said:
Noah ... curses his son Canaan and Hams decedents to be a slaves to the other two brothers decedents forever.
Chette (I believe unintentionally) sets the curse of perpetual slavery on all Ham's decendents. Biblically, it is clear that the curse applies only to Canaan's decendents, and the term is "servant" not "slave".

In post #5, KingSolomon1611 uses a quote from Luke, and then links (using the rules of pronoun - noun antecedents) the name "Ham", the question of sodomy, and his past knowledge of certain behavior. The phrase "their culture", the term "rappers" and immoral acts in prisons are brought together in one paragraph. Then in post #6, Chette poses a question of linkage as to whether or not many prisoners who are immoral were also Hamites. In post #10, KingSolomon1611 answers in the affirmative.

Last, in post #11, Chette expands this linkage of Hamites and slavery: Note again that there absolutely no Biblical connection between Canaan's curse and Black slavery.
Yeah it is sad to say know the Hamite's want the Jhaphite Americans to apologize for slavery and give them appropriations. when it was God who put them in that predicament. They should thank the God of Israel they have freedom in the USofA. I have seen a few Hamite submit themselves to a Jhaphite company owner and work hard and that Jhaphite has blessed them and they are well off because of that.
In every place in the above quote, it is clear that Chette is using "Hamite" for black-skinned people and "Jhaphite" for white-skinned people. He then applied God's judgment as the reason for the slavery of Blacks.

In post #12, I make my initial statement. In the part of the post where [King]Solomon's name appears, I am appealing to Chette, Solomon, [who have posted on the topic] and any others to show evidence where all of Ham's decendents are cursed. This statement did not claim that Solomon had made this statement any more than that any unnamed "others" had done so. Chette and KingSolomon had jointly tied the ideas together in their previous posts. Chette did so specifically, and KingSolomon gave supporting statements.

KingSolomon, I did not claim that you said that the entire family of Ham was cursed. What was evident in your posts was that you did not disagree with Chette when he made that connection. It appeared from your responses that you may have agreed with that connection. I apologize if I read more into your posts than you meant. Also, I am in no way claiming or even implying that Chette is racist or bigoted. What is true is that there are those who are racists who do use this argument to support their "superiority" over black-skinned people. I do beseech Chette to clearly reject any connection with Canaan's curse and Black slavery.