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Default Bible correcting not allowed

Just in case this hasn't been made clear, Bible correcting (posting that a particular translation in the KJV is wrong and should be something else) is not permitted on this forum and will result in a ban.

Bible correcting is evidence that a poster has already made up his mind about the KJV issue, and this is not a forum intended to give a platform for KJV correctors to convince other people of their position. It's perfectly acceptable for a sincere poster to ask about translations in the KJV, but when a poster starts putting himself in judgment over the Book and saying his own translation is superior, that is a different thing alltogether.

There are other forums that accept denigration and correction of the KJV. If your intention is to cast doubt on the KJV or prove that you know more than the translators of the KJV, do so somewhere else.

Thank you.