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Default Homeland Security Assessment - Rightwing Extremism

According to the recent Dept. of Homeland Security Assessment on the dangers of Rightwing Extremism, two of the issues identifying the evil extremists are opposition to gun control that violates the constitution and opposition to free trade agreements that incorporate the slave economies of other countries into our own economy and result in loss of jobs in America and/or much lower wages for working people.

It should be remembered that during the time when slavery of Blacks was practiced in regions of America, the people who lived in the free regions and opposed slavery had imposed tariffs to separate our economy from foreign slave economies in order for our manufacturing industry to grow and prosper.

Black slaves were kept in slavery by their lack of a Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The people who governed the slave regions promoted "free trade" to incorporate foreign slave economies into the American economy and make virtual slaves of all the American working people. This dispute was only resolved by a Civil War which resulted in the defeat of the slave regions and allowed American industry to prosper.

Our current administraton, which supposedly represents people suffering from the effects of slavery, has issued this assessment which claims anyone holding these effective anti-slavery views is a threat to national security. If Janet Napolitano represents any Black people, it looks to me like she represents the Blacks who sold other Blacks into slavery, not the people who were forced to work on plantations.