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Hello Steven,

Thans for your extensive and excellent answers. They did generate some other questions though.

RCC language is tricky, and I have never heard of such an endorsement, other than use.
I'm not entirely sure what you meant here - that they did in fact use it, but of the endorsement, you are unsure of? I also remember reading that the "Textus Receptus" has been on the RCC "forbidden book list" for generations and maybe still is. Well if that is so - the Old Testament has to be included - the Ben Hayim, or whenever it was edited by Ben Hayim and the TR before that.

Another titbit I heard from a lecture on a cassette tape was that the Jews do not use the Ben Asher - only the Ben Hayim. Don't know the validity of the claim though.

What I heard or read about Kittel was about the thousands of footnotes he added, perverting the original meaning of the text, kind of like the NKJV study Bible does. One becomes their own "textual critic," having to choose from various possibilities as to what the original said.

I have read many terrific articles by Will Kinney but not John Hinton. Could you point me to some that have been writtenby each of them that would be realted to the subject here?

Your material is greatly appreciated and has helped to clear considerable confusion from my understanding.

God bless,