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I must add...

When the Psalmist (David) wrote this, if he had in mind that this passage related to the preservation of Scripture, then why did he say "...from this generation forever."

Taking your interpretation, then David is suggesting that there was no preserved Scripture before him. Preservation begins with him.

Keep in mind, I am not challenging the KJV here, just your interpretation of this passage.
You misunderstand the meaning of "this generation"...the term is not to be applied to a group of people living in a particular time period of one lifespan, but applied to a type of people who's characteristics are those of proud double speaking liars.

Christ uses the term "generation" many times to describe a type of person and their characteristics.

Are there proud, double speaking liars living today? yes there are, just as they were in OT times and NT times, and in times before David wrote the Psalm.This is the generation from which the LORD did and will preserve his words forever.

To restrict the use of the term "this generation" only to those living from the time that David wrote the Psalm until that generation died out in 70 or 80 years would make unecessary the need for God to preserve his words "forever".