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Originally Posted by BornAgainBibleBeliever514 View Post
I have a chart in a book somewhere at home that lists numerous anatomy comparisson points between herbi, carni and omnivores, and despite our 4 canines,
You've already been shown scripture that says we are omnivorous. Shouldn't that settle it? What is your final authority?

When I went vegan, I never ever felt sickly, I lost 80lbs in 6 months, without working out (I was almost 300lbs to begin with). And to be
I was 280 pounds and switched to a virtually all-meat diet and lost 80 pounds (most of which I lost in under a year). I am now eating a more well-rounded diet at a steady weight of 185. I am healthier than I was during High School.

It's fine if you don't want to eat meat. But you should stay away from the stuff that teaches precepts about diet that are contrary to Scripture.