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Originally Posted by peopleoftheway
You know what Brother?

The Lord works in the most marvelous and mysterious ways in showing us the way, and its by honest posts like this that others can be edified and comforted.
I spent a lot of my younger years involved in the "club scene" which involved a lot of drinking and narcotics, ecstacy mainly, cannabis and various other drugs. The long term effects of this shamefull time for me was depression, I have spent the last 6-7 years finding the correct balance and medication that keeps me on an even keel and until most recently when I tried to stop taking this medication because another brother told me that I shouldnt be on it as a Christian, I spent a month or so in dissorientation, praying to be released from the side effects, praying for strength to overcome the medication, but a few weeks in I just couldnt take the dizziness and the change in my mood any longer and started taking them again. Before I stopped I was feeling happy, I was joyful in the Lord, but after stopping I felt depressed again, sidetracked and not focused on the Lord and It suddenly came to me in Glorious truth, that it IS an illness, It DOES need treated and like any other disease God has used it to STRENGTHEN my faith in his will for me, I shall certainly stop listening to Pious believers who tell me the devil has me on these tablets and start listening to the Lord my Saviour who has me in his care through these tablets as has he any other Brother or Sister who is suffering from depression, or any other Illness. Vendetta Brother God Bless you for your honesty, this post from you has encouraged me in the Lord and made me feel Joyfull again rather than feeling like the medication was some form of bondage.
Thank you, brother, and God bless you. As you know, Depression can lay dormant for an entire lifetime, waiting for some trigger or "precipitating incident:" in my case, it was my partner, the love of my life, abandoning me and taking my children. I suppose I had some sort of "nervous breakdown;" in any case, that's when the symptoms began. And some of the brethren don't understand it. The brethren have a deep-rooted distrust of psychiatry, which is understandable, because the theoreticians of psychiatry have traditionally been very hostile to Christianity. However, there are individual psychiatrists who are very positive and supportive. I am not currently under a psychiatrist's care (I get my meds from a general practitioner), but I have seen several over the years, and without exception they said that my faith in Jesus Christ was my greatest asset - - - and they encouraged me to stay faithful. And these weren't even Christians!

Anyway, it reminds me of the brethren who criticize parents who are forced, by economic necessity, to send their kids to public schools, instead of Christian schools or home schooling. It would be nice if all these worldly cares and fleshly weaknesses didn't exist, but since they do, we need to support one another.

Well, now I'm rambling. Thank you for your testimony, and your honesty!