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I really can't understand how my comment was so mistaken in its intent. I held off from responding to your original post even before a single response was made (I saw your post well before others commented). I found it odd that your second post on these forums was this request for prayer of this nature. We didn't hear a word about who you are, where you've been in your walk in the Lord (and for how long), nor about what you believe doctrinally. So I found it a bit odd when I saw your post. Then you posted your testimony (after Kiwi's and brother Luke's inquiring) which was interesting to say the least. So I was left with what to say in response to what I was reading. Truth be told I thought someone else would indicate similar concerns to what I was having when I read your testimony, but I didn't see that happening. Now, I'll admit that I tend to expect the worst in people (I wasn't always like this mind you. It's not easy to expect good things from people when you look at the Church in the state that it's in these days), but something made me think twice about doing so with you. So I responded the way I did, hoping that it would elicit a more exhaustive response from you in regards to your age in Christ (yes, this is important) and a bit more about the work the Lord has done in you as of late. Not only that, but I wanted you to look into what a dispensation is because you clearly are not aware of what this word means, which is fine. I didn't learn about dispensations till just this fall (9 years after being reborn!). Dispensations are a deep and rewarding subject to study which can take a long time to study and fully grasp.

Your response to my comment was very typical of new Christian men who are on fire for Christ after just being reborn. I was and am willing to let your defensive and caustic response towards me slide, but with one warning. I have defended the King James Bible now for years. My faith in this Book is more hard lined than nearly everyone I've met who claims to 'use' the KJB. I have endured being called a KJBO nut, a bibliolater, and a all other manner of words people use against those who draw a hard line for the KJB (I have yet to be called a Ruckman Knight, to my shame). My entire life, faith, and being is defined by my faith in what is written within the King James Holy Bible. That book it the most important thing in my life next to my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So I don't take to well to people accusing me of using perVersions or in doubting the readings of the AV1611 Holy Bible. You have been given, and have used up, your one chance to make this mistake with me.

So, cb6445, welcome to Make yourself at home, and tell us more about yourself. Also feel free to ask questions. You'll find more solid council here than nearly anywhere else. These brothers and sisters are a great blessing.

For Jesus' sake,