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Default Call to Preach

Well, Ok, I'll apologize for a little harsh. But doesn't anybody agree with me? God never called anybody to go to seminary or bible college (not that it's a bad thing), he simply said study to show thyself approved. Whether you study at your home or in college, as long as your studying the Word, then....Anyway, I just get frustrated with people that think I need a piece of paper given by men to prove myself. I'm studying to show myself approved to GOD. Does anybody want to comment on 1John 2:27 for me, please? Ya'll can get mad all you want at my next statement, but Stephanos I'm not the least bit interested in you trying to figure out if I was called to preach or not. As for George, you must be a Southern Baptist too. You say you are concerned because of I have a lot of "emotion", come on. I am very passionate when it comes to the things of GOD and someone looking down on me as if I need to "study to show myself approved to THEM" and put a "time frame" on when a born again child of GOD can be called to do ANYTHING. Now, George, please tell me your concerns of my "Scriptural discernment." I am COMPLETELY open to constructive criticism, which I appreciate from PB and MC11 and the end of your post. This Stephanos fellow, got me upset because I started this Post to simply get prayers from good men of GOD because of how strongly I feel about the power of prayer. It was NOT started to to find out from any of you what GOD has called me to do. I HAVE THAT ANSWER. Now, if you wanna pray for me, give me advice, prove that I'm wrong (from the King James Bible), fine, but understand I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY MAN'S THOUGHtS CONCERNING MY CALLING, I'LL GET THAT FROM 1.