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I was thinking the same thing that the preacher could get a lot out of the WOTM evangelism videos. At our Church we have to watch the videos before we can go out and Evangelize. I go out with a group on Sat's, we door knock and share the law and the gospel. I don't have the courage to street preach, (and I don't think women should do this any way), so I just wanted to give him a hand for getting out there boldly, although, I agree that he needs to explain some things better so that his audience might understand.
i didn't have no training or anything like that, i started with a handful of tracts, and bearing my testimony, now that i know doctrine and my bible, now i can get out and preach like a preacher instead of just sharing my testimony.

lol, i'll never forget the first time i was encouraged to hand out tracts and share my testimony, i went to a friends church and they said ok, we're going to witness on the street in front of the church tonight [the church was right on main street].. i was excited, then i told the pastor i never did that kinda thing before, he said not to worry, it'll come naturally, then he stuffed tracts in my shirt pocket, shoved me onto the street and said "ok, now get to work and win some souls"

aaaaah, those were the days.. i can't wait for summer so i can get back to doin that kinda thing again