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Hey, preach sin, preach judgment, preach boldly! But never forget that real people standing in front of you are going to a real Hell. I think a sarcastic tone of voice is weakness on the part of a preacher. It's a variation of defensiveness. There is no need for it.
I listened to it again and I'm not sure if he was being sarcastic. Maybe he should listen again and search his heart. May be a good growth opportunity. I just can't say for sure if he was being sarcastic, it could just be the way he talks.

My biggest problem with it was that I'm pretty sure the crowd did not know their true sinful condition and may have just been confused by the message. We really need to lay out the law clearly and how we have all violated God's law, explain the penalty of sin.... That there is only one righteous that can save us, Jesus Christ.....and then the good news will make sense.