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Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
AMEN Tony!

There really is a common thread that runs through them all - going way back to the Tower of Babel. You are so right that Christ, by His sacrifice on the Cross, defeated them all. It is true that Masons often hold positions. My ex-fiance told me that there were members who were judges, sheriffs, policemen, business owners, teachers, professors, lawyers, etc. He said that it would help his career. I don't know whether these men are honestly unaware of the true nature of it, or they are willfully involved for what they might gain by it. They ought first to think about what they might LOSE by it - namely their salvation!

I had a talk with the minister of his church and asked him if he was aware that several members of his church (a large independent Baptist church) were Masons. And I asked him if that concerned him. He said, first of all, that I was right to be concerned, and that he was "working on it" in his own way. He said the most powerful way is prayer. Yet I thought to myself, if a minister is afraid to speak out against sin from the pulpit, what power does he have against evil? I think that he probably feared the high positions of these Masons in his church - not to mention their monetary contributions to the church!

I did utilize prayer and prayed often for my ex-fiance. But, in the end... I realized that my only recourse was to disconnect myself from him and remain on the right straight and narrow path - as he was stepping off onto that broad path that veers off-course.

Sister, a Christian can't lose salvation for joining the Masons. A Christian can't lose salvation for any reason. Some people claim because of a verse in Hebrews says salvation can be lost is the reason. Well, the verse in Hebrews says you also can't get it back once you lose it. How is this resolved? It's resolved if we see the Scriptures must be rightly divided as Paul talls us is the manner in Eph. 2. Hebrews is Ages To Come, Tribulation doctrine and we see people in the Tribulation taking the Mark of The Beast and getting eternal damnation for it. Sister, what can separate us from the love of Christ? The god worshiped in Freemasonry would like to think he can, he can't.

A personal note here Jassy: A man who don't love you more than his "career" ain't worth having. He may think being a Mason is going to help his "career"; they are just as cutthroat as any other fraternity. He could have left the Masons and still had a "career", I think he would have had a plus, and that plus would have been you. He made his decision and now has to live with it.

Many people join, as this ex-finacee' of yours, merely for expediency's sake in order to rise up the career ladder as you mention, or my grand dad, who thought he'd be able to merely help people. He quit, and nothing happened to him, my grand dad was a well liked man, and like Ananias in Acts 9, he received a well report among his fellow Christians, but you didn't mess with him.

An interesting thing in history to study is the link between Garibaldi in Italy, who founded both the Italian Masonry and the Sicilian Mafia. One thing in common runs through all these "secret" societies: They all have the same "secrets".

Grace and peace sister