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Originally Posted by Tmonk View Post
This is an odd one. Ephesians and Peter use a one word term (Greek) literally meaning "chief corner" as to where all the other NT verses use two words literally saying "head corner".

Capstone seems to be an NIV choice. Everything else chooses "cornerstone" consistently or the KJV "head of the corner". Even the NLT uses cornerstone !!!!

What were they thinking?
They were thinking a "bible version" with appeal outside of "Christians" Monk. In occultism "Jesus" is an Avatar, an "Ascended Master", and through multiple lives(reincarnation)these people ascend up the ladder to "godhood", with this "Jesus" as the NIV says, the "capstone", the tip of a pyramid. All this is just recycled Hinduism.

I'm doing a little study on something John Hinton put me onto, the phrase "new order" being found in several versions.

Grace and peace


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