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I would probably close up shop. They probably can't do that right now.

Originally Posted by tkg View Post
I had problems with eHarmony in the first place (I know people who use it just to find partners for one night stands) but this just makes it that much worse in my opinion.
That isn't a surprise since people use regular "dating" to hook up just for fun. For the most part that is what dating is these days. Having a good time... maybe we'll like each other enough to join our households and bank accounts...

I know several couples who have gotten married to someone they met through eHarmony and I find they know each other better than most couples that go through "today's conventional methods" of finding someone.

Most are too wrapped up in the physical: looks & warm fuzzy feelings, etc to really find out how compatible they are on the important things: God, Bible, morals, family, etc.

Then again I married my pen-pal (before eHarmony was a thang) and I am a strong believer in getting to know the real person before you actually get involved with the person. Cause lets face it once they form an emotional bond with someone they aren't seeing clearly... and those things they ignore while dating don't surface until AFTER they have kids and the differences really become important.