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Default A winded response

Hi Boaz, I think that there is much more to the KJB translating methodology than words and the work of a bilingual committee. The simplest and most understandable way that I could communicate my thoughts on the issue (without presenting you with pages of twenty nine letter words to interpret) is this and the KJB bear witness to these facts:

I) God speaks in Spirit literally - I hear that in English
II) God speaks in history literally – I see that in the production & timing of the KJB
III) God speaks in Person literally – Jesus promised that His words would outlast everything in creation.

I know that that sounds like a neat 3 point sermon, but trust me it isn’t – I just thought it up now!

But what I am getting at is this;

The spiritual dimension of divine writ can only be persevered in that which God had prepared in language and history (and neither are formed by random chance). Without history there can be no language and without language there can be no history! I believe that God used the pair of them like a needle and thread to leave us with His literal word in these last days.

Whether it be a specific point in time or the choice of a thousand languages, it has to be 100% in tune with the will and acts of the purposes of Christ before it is ready or even capable to fit in the eternal framework of things. The continual degeneration of modern English is neither able, nor fit to contain the eternally preserved content of divine writ, and that which translation committees are producing today is certainly not the result of spiritual light to say the least.

Now the KJB was the “sealing” of holy writ in English once and for all, the process of which gave grandeur to that tongue throughout the world. But since the English speaking world has turned from its precious crown (the KJB) its language has not only degenerated, but it (the English speaking world) has had the audacity to replace its crown with a series of degenerate substitutes.

Modern day speech has not left the KJB behind the times and according to Jesus (who is from everlasting to everlasting) it is certain that it will not outlive it!)

If a Bible is from God then its life, testimony and timing fit together for the work that it has been set out to do. But if a Bible is not from God then it will pass its sell by date once its agenda has been outlived. Now some may say that the Bibles that preceded the KJB are no longer in use so isn’t that a self defeating proposition? No it certainly isn’t! The KJB wasn’t written with the intention of becoming the latest “best seller”. It was simply the final stage of a timeless work that would put to rest all the earlier hindered labours of the persecuted church.

When I consider the differences of today’s English with the English of the KJB I see much more than a change in writing styles or an evolution of a particular tongue. What I see is a tongue that had been cultured, tempered and prepared to declare that which no other tongue in its day could accomplish for the task that awaited it.

Modern English is insufficient in its capacity to contain divine writ (in the same way as a litre of water can’t be poured into a pint glass) Spiritual truth at the height of its revelation just does not fit into modern English. As the KJB was the long awaited product of a persecuted praying body of believers who were laying down their lives so that lost souls purchase the light that they had witnessed.

So concerning the issue of “most literal” – I would put it this way:

The modern versions of the bible are not literal translations of conservative Christian Scripture, but are the product of the ever changing and highly confusing interpretations of a minority group of corrupted text (all of which are pre-planned with particular agendas in mind).
As the KJB is the product of that which has been handed down faithfully from the times of the apostles until now with the sole aim of remaining faithful to what had always been accepted as “the Scriptures” (you can’t get more literal than truth transcribed!)

Hope this is helpful

God bless