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Luke, how about Hab. 2:4 "the righteous will live by his faith" which is also quoted by Paul to prove a grace through faith salvation (cf. Rom. 1:17 & Gal. 3:11 which also states that the Law cannot justify); other Scripture speaking of faith or belief in the OT that is pertinent is Exo. 4:5, 2 Chron. 20:20, Isa. 7:9, 43:10, Psalm 78:21-22, Dan. 6:23, & Jonah 3:5.

To be honest, I have not ever seen one Dispensationalist write of a multiple way of salvation scenario. I wonder what you, who have not been formaly trained, are seeing that the rest of us are not. Reformed theologians used to accuse dispensationalist for teaching such a doctrine to which Ryrie, Walvoord, Pentecost, and others vehemently denied and corrected.

You partially admitted that it was clear that Abe was saved through faith. I don't think ABe was under the dispensation of the Law, but what passage of Scripture can you offer that says the Law was given for Israel's salvation by works. You get just the opposite in the NT where Paul and others argue that the Law could never nor was it ever intended to save (cf. Rom. 3:20, 3:28, 5:20, 8:3, Gal. 2:21, 3:11, 3:19, 1 Tim. 1:8-9+, & Heb. 7:19). I am truly baffled by such a view. This is not a Normative Dispensational teaching and it is certainly not Biblical.