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Default Part 2!!!

Hello Amanda, whow!!! fancy meeting you here on a topic like this!

I agree with you that this topic needed a new thread in order for it to start afresh from the “suppose so” scenario that I presented in the previous thread. I also would love to see some of the grayer saints have some input on this topic as it was becoming a little bit of a shoot and duck game between one or two people only.

When God created the world was the world that He deemed to be “very good” however, sin brought a great deal of deviation from that which Jesus Himself even bore witnesses to as being ordained by God from the beginning. In between all of that a lot of things took place that have no stamp of divine approval upon them (even though) they may have been used in God’s overall plan of redeption.

If I remember right, it isn’t until Gn.4:19 that there is any hint of a second wife mentioned but again, this is mentioned in passing rather than in any form of authorisation. This also is a few generations after the fall and is not something that you find everyone in the OT doing as though it was expected of them. This act also comes from the line of Cain and is mentioned in a way to suggest that it was something that was happening for the first time “And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah”.

In between that time and the time of Christ there are people who obviously had followed this pattern, but that doesn’t suggest in anyway that it was a righteous thing to do. Some may argue that “well, God blessed Jacob, David, Solomon etc..,” He used them and also spoke to them. But again this doesn’t prove anything, as God used Moses, David and Saul (Paul) who put innocent people to death.

So when we consider the creation and the words of Jesus in the NT we are not looking at “God’s ideal” (i.e. His best for us) we are looking at God’s only design for marriage. It does seem a striking coincidence that after the teachings of Jesus on the matter that acts such as these decreased rapidly in the countries that heard the gospel (I wonder why?)

Well, Amanda – I thought that I would just help to get the ball rolling for you!

God bless